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Taunton School leaders discover lost relics on school grounds


TWO heads from the Taunton School have uncovered a series of historic finds, including a Victorian Jubilee Medal, after they started metal detecting during the pandemic.

Neil McKellar and Peter Council, who between them have worked in the school kitchens for over 30 years, were delighted to discover their own memories of the Jubilee.

Neil McKellar said: “Metal detecting is such an interesting hobby, and we feel lucky to work for a place that is so happy for us to explore our passion and learn more about the history of our county and school.

“Finding these lost relics is so exciting; it makes you wonder who or what happened when this object was dropped into the earth.”

Since 2020, the two chiefs have uncovered a number of fascinating finds this year, including a farmer’s token from 1649 and the Golden Jubilee token from 1887, which was given to local residents by the town’s mayor at the ‘era.

After their dig, they made sure to replace the earth and shared their find with the school’s history department so students can experience what life was like at Taunton school hundreds of years ago. ‘years.

The couple are looking for new places to dig in the county and hope their story will help inspire others to get “beep” in the future.

Taunton School Areas Manager Terry Harris said: “Any opportunity to be curious is encouraged here at Taunton School, and we are delighted that Neil and Peter have been able to find some fascinating pieces of our history on the campus of our school.”