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Police: Man arrested after assaulting Pittsfield officer who responded to disturbance


A Pittsfield man was arrested on Sunday afternoon after he repeatedly “butted and punched” a police officer who responded to a report of unrest involving at least five people in Washington Street in Pittsfield, police said.

Michael J. Antonino, 40, was charged with assaulting a police officer and taken to Somerset County Jail, according to Pittsfield Police Chief Pete Bickmore.

“They got a call at 3:46 p.m. for a disruption at 160 Washington St. and Constable Michael Cray responded,” Bickmore said in a telephone interview. “While he was on his way, dispatchers told him that at least five people were fighting. When Officer Cray arrived he hired Antonino and Antonino assaulted him by repeatedly hitting him and head butting him.

Cray, who was Pittsfield’s only officer on duty, called for reinforcements and Maine State Police, Somerset County Sheriff’s Office and Clinton Police Department responded, according to Bickmore, who said that Cray had suffered minor lacerations and had been treated by Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital Rescue.

Bickmore said his department typically only has one agent per shift.

“This is our allocation for our budget right now,” he said.

When asked if it was safe to have only one agent on a shift to respond to such an incident, Bickmore said: “This is absolutely an agent safety issue, and it should always be two agents answering a call like this. “

“Even though we get reinforcements from the state police and the sheriff’s office, you don’t know where they are,” he said. “They can be a few minutes or 20 minutes or more, and the first few minutes are critical. This is the second incident in less than 24 hours in which Pittsfield police officers are assaulted. “

Bickmore was referring to a burglary on Saturday night in which a woman who had been arrested kicked and bit two Pittsfield officers and a Somerset County Sheriff’s Corrections officer.

Bickmore said his department has treated Antonino in the past, but could not provide details of these incidents.

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