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New poll finds NJ residents sick with COVID, ready to move on


A new poll finds most New Jerseyans agree with Gov. Phil Murphy’s decision to drop the school mask mandate earlier this week.

Ashley Koning, director of the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers University, said a just-released Rutgers-Eagleton survey finds that “46% of New Jerseyans are completely… agree with Governor Murphy’s decision to end his term, 22% somewhat agree, 12% somewhat disagree and 18% strongly disagree.

She said 52% of parents surveyed strongly agreed with lifting the mask mandate, and a significant percentage of Republicans and independents also strongly supported the move.

Enough with the masks

Koning said while most Garden State residents are mentally and emotionally ready to leave COVID behind, at least half agree the pandemic is far from over.

“They are no longer as likely to wear masks inside public places. They feel they have a lot less risk compared to spring 2020,” she said.

Compared to last June, “residents are now about half as likely to say they wear a mask indoors in public spaces all the time, 35% say they do so all the time, 22% most of the time, 17% sometimes, 11% rarely and 15% never.

Less risk?

Compared to two years ago, 60% of residents in the state believe they are at less risk of contracting COVID-19 while 33% believe they are at the same risk.

When it comes to worry about getting COVID, worry is about half of what it was in spring 2020, with 14% saying they’re worried and 28% saying they’re somewhat worried.

Back to normal

Koning said the poll also reveals that “54% feel very comfortable resuming a normal form of life, 33% feel somewhat comfortable, 11% not very, and 3% not at all.”

The survey also reveals that 49% believe the measures taken by the state to deal with the virus since the start of the pandemic have been fair, 32% say the state has gone too far and 17% say not far enough. .

Keep doing what you’re doing

Going forward, 34% of respondents think the state should have fewer mandates and restrictions, 16% said the state should do more in this regard, while 49% think the state is doing exactly what it should do.

Of the 16% of New Jersey residents who are unvaccinated, 12% said they would definitely or probably get a COVID vaccine, 19% said they were unlikely to get it, and 64% said they would definitely won’t get vaccinated.

Among those with children over the age of 5, almost half had their child vaccinated. Among those with children of any age under the age of 18, nearly 3 in 10 who have not yet vaccinated their child say they will “definitely” (18%) or “probably” (11%) do so. vaccinate their child; a third, on the other hand, will “probably” (11%) or “definitely” (23%).

A total of 1,044 adults were contacted by live interviewers on landlines and cellphones between February 25 and March 4 for the survey. The full sample has a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points.

David Matthau is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at david.matthau@townsquaremedia.com

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