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Launch of a public competition to find a new seat at British Railways

  • the public will have their say with an online vote to find a home for Great British Railways

  • cities and towns across the country with close ties to the railways are encouraged to participate in a national competition

  • new headquarters will accommodate railways based outside of London, expanding opportunities and improving communities

  • Great British Rail will integrate the railways and offer simpler, cheaper and passenger-focused travel

The competition to find the new home of Great British Railways (UK) officially opens today (February 5, 2022), with cities in England, Wales and Scotland invited to apply.

As part of the government‘s commitment to leveling the UK, and following the publication of the Leveling Up white paper, the new UK HQ will be based outside of London and will bring a number of highly skilled jobs to the winning site.

Local economies will be further boosted by a number of new regional headquarters across the country, putting decision-making and investment at the heart of the communities that use these railways every day.

The creation of UK was heralded as a major pillar of the unique reforms launched by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps in the Williams-Shapps plan for rail. UK will be a single guiding spirit that will end the fragmentation of the rail industry and generate network-wide benefits and improvements for passengers and freight customers.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

Our railroads have moved this country for nearly 200 years, but it’s time to usher in a new era that will shape our network for the next 200 years.

I invite people from across the country to explain why the real home of the railways is at your doorstep.

Locations across the country with strong historical ties to the railroad are encouraged to explain why they should be the new home of UK.

the UK The transition team will shortlist the best apps in May, after which a public vote will help determine the winning location.

Applications will be evaluated according to 6 criteria:

  • alignment with upgrading objectives
  • connected and easily accessible
  • opportunities for UK
  • railway heritage and network connections
  • value for money
  • public support

This central headquarters will be the heart of the rail network and will provide strategic direction for the operation of UK.

Great British Railways Transition Team Leader Andrew Haines said:

This is an opportunity for towns and cities across the UK to showcase themselves as a key part of an exciting chapter in British railway history.

Local authorities, MPs and business groups are encouraged to take forward campaigns to explain why their community should be the #DestinationGBR.

Today’s announcement follows the release of the Leveling Up white paper, which sets out the government’s plan to transform the UK by expanding opportunity and prosperity, with better transport being a key driver of this mission.

It includes 12 bold national level-up missions, which will be granted legal status, and will shift government attention and resources to Britain’s forgotten communities throughout the 2020s.