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Jet2 offer for a break offering family holidays for pennies – or a £60 discount if you miss out


Families looking for a cheap holiday this summer will want to try and take advantage of a new offer from Jet2. The company’s “offer for a break” program is back.

The way it works is that bargain hunters can submit offers for week-long vacations in destinations such as Crete, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. In fact, you can even bid as low as 1p for the experience.

There is a catch though – only the lowest unique bidder wins the getaway. Nevertheless, you could end up landing a vacation for pennies.

The Mirror says last year 23 holidaymakers won getaways to the Canary Islands, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, with some of the deals starting at just 2p. Different holidays are posted on different days.

At the moment you can bid for a getaway to Bulgaria from May 16, Crete from May 23 and Gran Canaria from May 30. There is a mix of offers for couples and families of four.

“Offer for a break” from Jet2 – how to participate

To place your bid, it’s simple:

  • Download the Jet2holidays app
  • Go to the ‘Offers’ page
  • Select “Bid for a break”
  • Fill out the form with your details
  • Add your lowest unique bid, to the nearest penny

You can find out more about the holidays and get the full terms and conditions on the Jet2 website. But even if you don’t win the bidding war, you can still save money by participating.

Save £60 on a Jet2 holiday

There is a silver lining for all participants. Unsuccessful bidders will still receive a special discount code giving them £60 off their next holiday.

But remember, some vacation spots still have Covid-19 rules in place. For example, if you are hoping to visit Tenerife and Gran Canaria, adults must be vaccinated while unvaccinated children between the ages of 12 and 17 will need a PCR test to be allowed entry.

Entry requirements can change quickly during the pandemic, so always check the latest Foreign Office travel advice for a destination before booking a trip or going abroad. This will include key information – from entry requirements to local Covid rules that you need to know.