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Cameroon: UK in Cameron mobilizes the private sector for climate action.


The British High Commission has provided £10,000 as seed funding from the UK Government’s Climate Diplomacy Fund to launch the Game Changers. The grant will support Game Changers to mobilize stakeholders (co-funders, facilitators, volunteers), build relevant capacity and mobilize more resources to achieve the goal of reaching 1 million Cameroonians within 24 months.

At the High-Level Pledge Event on Climate Change in Yaoundé in January 2022, representatives from the Government of Cameroon, business groups, businesses and diplomatic missions signed the Pledge Book to engage in climate action.

Patu Ndango Fen, Head of Game Changers said:

“The engagement of the private sector is essential in the fight against climate change and other environmental challenges. They can take significant steps to reduce their carbon footprint while providing the resources to scale existing solutions that address these challenges. So we’re making a resounding call to action by joining the Game Changers movement and setting the pace for others in the private sector space.

Dr Christian Dennys-McClure, British High Commissioner to Cameroon said:

“As the long-term implications of COP26 unfold, business, industry and SMEs – along with banks and funding agencies – are urged to adopt and advance ambitious zero emissions targets. that governments and politicians have not achieved enough so far. This is an opportunity that we must seize.”

“That’s why we’re partnering with Game Changers to unleash private sector climate action in Cameroon by engaging businesses to engage in low-carbon operating models, support broader climate action, showcasing best practices and motivating a wider audience to take action to reduce their carbon footprint.”