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Amazon Continues Physical Retail Expansion With UK’s First General Store


Amazon will open its first general store in the UK, selling items such as books, tech and toys, as the online retail giant continues to expand into physical retail.

The American company will open the first 4-star Amazon store outside the United States at 10 a.m. at the Bluewater Shopping Center near Dartford in Kent on Wednesday.

Amazon launched its first 4-star store – which only sells products rated four or more stars by customers and trending items – in 2018.

He said the store reflects what its customers regularly buy and enjoy, using data from its online activity to see what consumer electronics, toys, games, books, kitchenware, home products and more are. popular with local buyers.

Amazon has displays featuring the most searched products by online customers (Amazon / PA)

Andy Jones, director of 4-star Amazon UK, said it was an “exciting” step for the retail giant, which has started planning for the store ahead of the pandemic.

“I’ve been working on it for two years, so we’re obviously very keen now to attract customers and see what they think about it,” he told the PA news agency.

“The pandemic hasn’t really changed the way we think. We saw that the model worked very well in malls in the United States, so a location like Bluewater made perfect sense to us.

“I think the variety in the store is really important and I hope customers will see something.

“There are the Amazon products they expect but also local products from small vendors, because that’s a huge part of the Amazon business.”

The store showcases products from small business partners of Amazon through its Marketplace Operation.

Opening of a 4-star Amazon store in the United Kingdom
Amazon launched its first 4-star store in the United States in 2018 (Amazon / PA)

However, the retail boss would not confirm whether more 4-star stores are already in Amazon’s UK plans or if this is an individual trial.

He added that the assortment of products in the store will change regularly as the company’s “curators” respond to customer feedback and new releases, with product lines updated every week.

Amazon opened its first grocery store in the UK last year, welcoming customers to its Amazon Fresh in Ealing in March.

The retailer said the model had been “well received” since opening and had extended the brick-and-mortar grocery arm to six stores across London.