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COVID-19: Report Shows Despite Vaccine’s Success In UK Massive Mistakes Have Been Made | Politics News


The UK’s independent investigation into COVID-19 is due to launch in spring 2022. By then, this parliamentary report is the best assessment we are likely to have of the government’s response to the pandemic.

And put aside the success of the vaccine and former health secretary Matt hancock“target of 100,000 tests”, the conclusions of the multi-party commission are overwhelming.

The government‘s initial “fatalistic” approach was “a serious initial mistake”. The system of testing, tracing and isolation was “often chaotic” and “ultimately failed”. Thousands of deaths in retirement homes “could have been avoided”.

Many of these reviews reflect Dominique cummings‘s coruscating take on government failures. In May, he said: “Tens of thousands of people have died who did not need to die.

Unsurprisingly, the committee avoids echoing Mr. Cummings’ intensely personal attacks on the Prime Minister (“unfit for the post”), his wife (“cracking up”) and Mr. Hancock (“criminal and shameful behavior” ).

But they use strong language (“serious error”, “major deficiencies”) to describe how parts of the civil service were not prepared to face complex crises.

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock was one of dozens of witnesses to testify

The committee of deputies is particularly critical of the functioning of the COBR, the government’s emergency committee.

And they argue that Public Health England (PHE) was “scientifically accomplished” but poor on delivery.

Of course, members of the government argue that many of these lessons have been learned for a long time. PHE has been removed and replaced by the UK Health Security Agency.

The policies of the Ministry of Health have changed completely. Mr. Cummings and Mr. Hancock have left their jobs.

The report recalls, however, that while the UK vaccine strategy has been executed perfectly, many massive mistakes have already been made.

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Agreement reached to boost CO2 supply to key industries


The government has negotiated an agreement with the carbon dioxide (CO2) industry to ensure that supplies continue to be available.

Rising gas prices forced a major CO2 producer CF Fertilisers to shut down its two factories in the UK last month, stifling supplies used in many industries, including stunning animals for slaughter, extending the shelf life of food, assisting in surgical operations. and cooling of nuclear power plants.

Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of fertilizer manufacturing, and the US company supplies around 60% of the UK’s needs.

The government stepped in for a three-week period to support the company in a move that is expected to cost “perhaps tens of millions” of pounds, according to Environment Secretary George Eustice.

But now Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said a “more lasting solution” has been found.

The deal means that until January 2022, those who buy CO2 from CF Fertilizers will pay a fixed price, which will allow the company to continue operating while global gas prices remain high.

And the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said it reflects “the vital importance of this material for everything from our nuclear industry to hospitals to the food industry.”

Mr Kwarteng said, “Today’s deal means critical industries can have confidence in their CO2 supplies over the coming months without additional support from taxpayers.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester (Stefan Rousseau / PA)

“The government moved quickly to provide CF Fertilizers with the support it needed to start production and to give us enough breathing space to agree on a longer-term, more sustainable solution.

“I would like to thank all parties involved in this deal who have recognized the importance of avoiding supply disruptions and delivering UK businesses and consumers.”

Mr Eustice added: “CO2 is vital for our food and beverage sectors. The government has taken decisive action under these exceptional circumstances to enable a deal to be reached that will continue to supply CO2 to businesses – including thousands of agribusinesses – from top to bottom of the country. “

Last week, Mr Kwarteng temporarily exempted parts of the CO2 industry from competition law in order to facilitate the deal and strengthen the security of CO2 supply for UK companies.

Earlier, Mr Eustice had warned that companies would have to accept a sharp increase in CO2 levels, with a possible five-fold increase from £ 200 per tonne to £ 1,000.

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The rule on walking your dog by the side of the road could see you trapped


A well-behaved, perfectly-trained dog could actually see you breaking the law and getting a huge fine, experts say.

Many responsible dog owners will want to educate their dogs to a high standard, so that the beloved animal will be obedient and walk side by side with its owner.

Some well-meaning dog lovers can be so confident in their pet’s prowess that they might be tempted to walk their dog off-leash, including on the sidewalk by the side of a road.

But if you’re one of the many Brits who allow their dogs to roam off leash on or near the motorway, you could end up in big trouble with the law – and that includes potential jail time and a invoice for £ 20,000.

Experts of the car leasing site, Select car rental, want to warn dog owners of the dangers to make sure they don’t break down.

Graham Conway, Managing Director of Select Car Leasing, explains: “If your dog is well trained, good for you. It’s a brilliant thing to achieve and you should be proud of being a responsible pet owner.

It’s dog show week at Team Dogs – a six-day celebration of what makes our pets special in the style of a virtual village party without the muddy field and shady hot dogs.

Each day we will reveal a different category that we would love you to fall into by simply sharing a photo or video of your gorgeous dog.

To find how to enter.

“However, don’t fall into the trap of just being too smug or too confident.

“You may have seen well behaved dogs walk off leash along busy roads, or even cross busy roads walking alongside their owners. To the viewer, it may seem that the situation is under control. The viewer might even be suitably impressed.

“But in the eyes of the law, it’s an offense, giving you a criminal record and a heavy fine.

“And you can understand the reasoning behind the legislation. If your dog suffers from a momentary lack of concentration or obedience and ends up hitting the road, he may cause serious injury to other road users, as well as himself.

“If the worst were to happen because of your uncontrollable dog, you could face six months in prison and a fine of £ 20,000. “

The law regarding dogs on a leash near roads is very clear.

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is a criminal offense for a dog to be on a “designated road” without being kept on a leash.

Local authorities also have the power to issue a dog control order, which comes with a fine of up to £ 1,000 – which can be issued in the form of a fixed penalty notice in place of a chase.

The Highway Code, rule 56, also says: “Do not leave a dog alone on the road. Keep it on a leash when walking on the sidewalk, road, or path shared with cyclists, horse riders, and pedestrians. This includes bridle paths.

There are some exceptions, however, such as dogs used to care for sheep or livestock in a trade or business or for trained dogs working for the police or the armed forces.

However, Graham Conway of Select Car Leasing points out, “These exemptions only apply when the dog is in service. If the dog has just gone out for a night walk with his owner after completing his chores, the same rules for leashes apply.

There are other important things to remember for dog owners – especially if you are one of the many millions of Britons new to dog ownership who acquired a new furry family member during the lockdown. pandemic.

The Select car rental The automobile expert reveals: “The Road Traffic Act 1998, Article 27, also specifies that all dogs – whether near a road or not – must be kept under control by the owner or the person. who is in charge at that time.

“This means that if you pass your dog’s leash to your young child – however well-intentioned that act is – and the dog runs away as your child loses grip on the leash, you may face lawsuits.

“The law clearly states that reasonable precautions must be taken to ensure that the dog does not cause injury or damage by straying on a road. And leaving your dog off-leash near a freeway just because you think he’s foolproof isn’t “reasonable care.”

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, 3.2 million UK households acquired a pet at the start of the pandemic, nearly half of which are dogs.

Meanwhile, Select Car Leasing also recently warned of the dangers of vehicle airbags if you let your dog “ride a shotgun” with you in the front passenger seat.

A spokesperson for Select Car Leasing said: “Most dog owners will know that they need to keep their pets properly restrained when in a car, as stipulated by the highway code.

“But many owners don’t know whether dogs are allowed in the front seat or not. It’s kind of a gray area.

“While not particularly recommended – dogs usually need to be in the backseat or in the trunk for their own safety – there are many owners who let their dogs drive a shotgun, especially if they have a shotgun. a sports car that only has two seats in the first place.

“But you should only have your dog by your side while driving if you are able and know how to turn off the front passenger airbag, as some vehicles don’t actually have a deactivation function.

“Failure to deactivate the airbag could result in catastrophic injury to a dog. An airbag is designed to protect a human, not a dog, and the padding is just in the wrong place.

“When an airbag deploys, it does so with such force that it could even crush a dog crate.

“We have also heard of cases where a dog has been catapulted towards the driver as a result of the airbag being triggered, causing serious injury to both the dog and the motorist.

“We urge all dog owners, especially those who have a dog locked up and new to dog ownership, to be aware of the dangers.”

Some cars allow the deactivation of the front passenger airbag – but you should consult your vehicle manufacturer’s guide before taking such action.

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Banana plant Kevin Doherty ready for choice from Somerset charity litter


BANANAMAN is heading for Somerset – to tidy up the county.

But the cartoon’s superhero this time around will be in the form of Kevin Doherty, who will embark on a 30-mile range pick for charity.

On October 30, Kevin, from Yeovil, will start his sponsored litter pick for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) – a trek from Yeovil to Weymouth dressed as the legendary crtoon hero.

And it won’t be the first time Kevin has raised charitable funds in this way.

The idea originated in 2019 as a fundraiser for Veganuary which saw him pick up 44 bags of trash over 2 days and travel 20 miles – picking up trash from Yeovil to Dorchester.

In October 2020 he did the litter collection upside down, walking from Dorchester to Yeovil, this route was 22 miles, took 15 hours and he collected 43 bags of litter.

Kevin’s 2021 challenge is even bigger as he predicts it will take him 20 hours to complete it.

He said: “My annual trash pickup walk as a Bananaman will be extended to 30 miles (from Yeovil to Weymouth), to celebrate the important CHSW landmark which this year celebrates 30 years of helping children with AIDS. fatal and life-limiting diseases of Yeovil and the entire Southwestern Peninsula.

Over the past 30 years, CHSW has supported over 2,000 families in its three children’s hospices – Little Bridge House in North Devon, Charlton Farm in North Somerset and Little Harbor in Cornwall – care that has continued throughout the pandemic.

Kevin is a strong supporter of the charity and has previously raised funds for CHSW.

He added: “CHSW does a wonderful job for families and most of us are so lucky that our lives don’t have to face such heartbreaking realities.

“For me, it is obvious to increase my mileage to mark the milestone anniversary of the association.”

For more details and to support Kevin, log on to https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/breaking20-40-90at50

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Two-fifths of police forces in England and Wales run out of rape units | Violence against women and girls


At least two-fifths of police forces in England and Wales do not have specialized rape and serious sexual offenses (Rasso) units, the Guardian can reveal.

Gender-based violence activists said the absence of such units was of deep concern at a time of low public confidence in the police and with rape prosecutions at historically low levels.

The England and Wales Crime Survey previously estimated that 510,000 women are sexually assaulted or raped in one year. Police recorded 55,696 rapes in the year 2020-2021, but only 3,539 were referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), resulting in only 1,109 convictions.

Of the 43 territorial police forces, 17 said they did not have a Rasso unit, while five did not respond to access to information (FoI) requests submitted by the Guardian prior to publication. , which means that the actual number could be higher.

Jayne Butler, Managing Director of Rape Crisis England and Wales, said: “The lack of rape and serious sexual offense units is of great concern. At a time when public confidence in the police is at an all-time low, it is imperative that the police force deal with all allegations of rape and sexual offenses with the utmost care and diligence.

“We know that properly trained and specialized police can play an important role for victims and survivors, making them feel believed and supported on their journey to criminal justice.

“The closure and lack of units will have a detrimental effect on those who wish to report and may prevent victims and survivors from coming forward.”

Four of the responding forces said they had closed units in the past decade. They included one of the largest forces in England and Wales, the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), which shut down its Rasso unit in 2018. Cheshire shut down its unit in March, while the other two, Gwent and Warwickshire both shut down their Rasso units in 2014. GMP, Gwent and Cheshire all said they had instead placed specialist Rasso officers in local police units. In its FoI response, Gwent said it was intended to “provide the best service to victims”.

But Andrea Simon, director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW), said: “It is of great concern that two-fifths of the police forces in England and Wales do not have a specialized rape unit. have lost vital expertise in investigating and prosecuting sexual violence following the disbandment of several of these units due to funding cuts in recent years.

“This is concerning at a time when rape prosecutions remain at their lowest levels on record. If we are serious about prioritizing the fight against sexual violence against women and girls, we need to ensure that police and prosecutor responses continuously improve and that it is essential to develop a specialization in these types of crimes. “

Police investigation into violence against women received renewed attention amid accusations of institutional misogyny following the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by a Met officer in service and the holding by officers of a vigil in his memory, during which demonstrators were forcibly taken away.

The Labor Party blamed the government squarely. Shadow Attorney General Ellie Reeves said: “This government is failing women and girls on all fronts. Rasso units are crucial to improving detection and pursuit levels, and it is shocking that two-fifths of the forces do not.

“As stated in our plan to support survivors, Labor would ensure that the work of the Rasso prosecutions is a clear and appointed permanent specialty within the PSC and we would ensure that each police force has a specialized unit. Rasso. “

Police Chief Sarah Crew, chief of the National Police Chiefs Council rape officer, admitted there was more to do, but said: “The police take these offenses incredibly seriously and our plan of action to solving problems throughout the criminal justice system is showing signs of success. For example, the number of cases that police refer to the CPS for a decision on whether to charge a suspect has increased by more than a quarter in the past year.

“Treating rape more effectively is not simply a matter of having a team of specialists, but rather of highly qualified and trained officers, access to new investigative techniques and close links with independent counselors. matters of sexual violence and the Crown Prosecution Service. We are committed to making this a reality for every victim across the country. “

The Interior Ministry has been approached for comment.

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Boris Johnson’s vacation in Spain during crisis reasonable, minister says


A Cabinet minister has defended Boris Johnson for going on vacation as the government struggles to stem a cost-of-living crisis and the fallout from soaring gas prices.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng insisted it was “reasonable” for the Prime Minister to take a break, after he reportedly traveled to Marbella to vacation in a private villa on the Costa del Ground.

Mr Kwarteng said he remained in “regular contact on WhatsApp” with the prime minister, who he said recently lost his mother.

Downing Street did not deny reports that Mr Johnson had visited Spain, but declined to say whether the PM was working at No 10 or Checkers instead, as is common.

Mr Johnson traveled with his pregnant wife Carrie and their one-year-old son Wilf after the Conservative Party conference last week, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The business secretary told Times Radio: “I think he’s gone. I don’t know where he went.

“But what I would say is that I am in regular contact with him. He also had a year and a half in which he almost lost his life to Covid, his mother passed away very sadly two or three weeks ago and he may have decided to take a short break.

“I think it’s something reasonable.

“I am in regular contact with him on WhatsApp, I spoke to him only a few days ago. I don’t know when he is supposed to have left the country.

Labor called for “urgent answers on who exactly is running the show” after claims by Mr Kwarteng that he was in talks with the Treasury over support for struggling businesses during the energy crisis were denied by the Treasury .

Shadow Chief Secretary Bridget Phillipson said: “Faced with a crisis of its own accord, the government has terminated office.

“The Prime Minister has gone on vacation, no one knows where the Chancellor is, and this morning we understand that the Business Secretary has entered the realm of fantasy.”

The holidays have repeatedly caused difficulties for Mr Johnson’s government.

Dominic Raab was demoted from his post as foreign minister after being criticized for staying on vacation in Crete while the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan.

The prime minister himself has also undergone months of scrutiny after a trip to the Caribbean island of Mosquito in 2019.

He was ultimately cleared of breaking MPs’ code of conduct after an investigation into whether he had properly registered £ 15,000 of housing paid for by a Tory donor.

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Laws That Could Get You Fined For Cold Weather Driving This Winter


The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping rapidly.

Most of us had to drive away after a night of freezing temperatures, even snow.

However, there are a few things to watch out for to avoid fines or penalty points when driving in snow or ice.

READ MORE: Un-shocked Somerset nursing home workers will be denied entry to work

When preparing to drive with ice on the car, it’s important to completely clear all of your screens before you set off.

Rule 229 of the Highway Code states that you must:

  • Defog and clean all mirrors
  • Clean all the lights
  • Make sure their license plates are visible
  • Remove any snow that might fall in the way of other drivers
  • Check that your planned route is free of delays and that no further snowfall is expected

As well as receiving penalty points and a £ 60 fine, if you break these rules you could find yourself in hot water with your insurance company if an accident were to happen.

If an insurance company finds out that you are breaking the rules of the road, it could result in withholding payment.

For the fastest ways to defrost and defog your vehicles, the RAC website has step-by-step tutorials and different methods on how to do it.

When it comes to snow, there is no law that says it is illegal to ride with it on the roof of a vehicle.

However, it often causes a distraction for other motorists when it does eventually come off, so it may be worth removing it when defogging the car.

In fact, it could lead to a “careless driving” offense, which could get you with a fixed penalty notice and depending on the severity, many points on your license.

Ultimately, when you clear the ice and defog your car, try to make sure all the snow has been removed as well.

However, if on a public highway the highway code states: “You must not let the engine of a vehicle run unnecessarily while this vehicle is stationary on a public highway.”

As well as making your vehicle an easy target for theft, you could be fined anywhere from £ 20 to £ 80 depending on your location.

However, this is only applicable on public roads. You can therefore safely let them defog on driveways and other private grounds.

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Red Ribbon event in Somerset continues despite rain | New


SOMERSET, Pa .– It’s rare to find a can of beer littered in Laurel Ridge or Kooser State Park, said Ashley Barry, an environmental education specialist at the Bureau of State Parks.

“State parks try to provide activities other than drugs and alcohol and the problems that you may find yourself in,” she said. “There are a million recreational opportunities. Exploring state parks is a great outlet for children. “

Barry and more than a dozen Somerset County education and recreation representatives were in attendance at Somerset Area High School’s Red Ribbon event on Saturday to show the county’s youth how to divert their energy from drug addiction.

Two years ago, more than 100 students attended the First Red Ribbon Saturday, which was held outside, before the pandemic, organizers said.

This year, around 30 people took part in the event’s free 5-kilometer walk / run, and another 30 students from Somerset County schools participated in a social event at the Somerset Area High School gymnasium.

The kids played games and enjoyed the music provided by the DJs at Showtime Entertainment Services.

Although it was scheduled to take place outside, the rainy weather forced most of Saturday’s activities indoors at the gym.

The event was sponsored by Somerset County Drug-Free Communities and UPMC Western Behavioral Health in Twin Lakes to raise awareness of the county’s campaign.

Organizations such as the Somerset County Library and the 4-H Club participated.

“We know drug addiction hurts the whole community,” said Ruthie Romesburg, prevention education specialist at UPMC. “It’s about showing the alternative activities that people have to do.”

Russ O’Reilly is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on twitter @RussellOReilly.

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‘Send home’ plead Afghan refugees stranded in British hotels | Refugees


Afghans who recently arrived in the UK after fleeing the Taliban takeover have asked to be returned, casting doubt on the success of Operation Warm Welcome, the government’s Afghan resettlement program.

It was launched by Boris Johnson on August 29 to help Afghan refugees arriving in the UK by providing support so that they can ‘rebuild their lives, find work, continue their education and integrate into their local communities. “.

However, a widespread housing shortage means hotels have been requisitioned as emergency temporary accommodation for 7,000 Afghan refugees, with Interior Ministry officials admitting some will be held there for months.

Some refugees already have enough. A doctor, who has been working with the newly arrived Afghans for weeks but who requested anonymity, said: “I have had a few patients who have told me they want to go home. One guy, who was 67, kept saying, “I can’t take it anymore. I have to get out of this [hotel] room.’ The GP, an Afghan who fled the country in 2000 when the Taliban was previously in power, added: “Another said, ‘I just want to be released from the hotel.’ I had to put him and his wife on medication because they were so upset.

There are also concerns about healthcare for those held in hotels after the evacuation from Kabul airport, a charity describing confusion over access to local GPs.

A council chief called the government‘s program a “shocking failure.” Councilor Danny Thorpe of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in south-east London said the lack of organized government support when 700 Afghans arrived in the district in August was “unforgivable”. “It was one of the most shocking government failures I have ever encountered,” he said.

Thorpe accused government officials of not providing enough support or sending enough officials when hundreds of Afghans were initially accommodated in hotels in his ward during their 10-day Covid quarantine.

He said: “There was a huge disconnect between the rhetoric of senior government officials and their actions to support these people. “

When Greenwich Council told the government it was on the verge of running out of baby milk, Thorpe says he was told some would be delivered “in a few days”.

In Sheffield, where a five-year-old Afghan refugee died from a hotel window in August shortly after arriving in the UK, local council is concerned about the adequacy of hotels to accommodate Afghan refugees. A spokesperson said he shared his doubts with the Home Office, but would not elaborate on the response he received.

Meanwhile, the Local Government Association, which represents 328 of the 333 councils in England, called on the Home Office to reduce confusion in the data it sends to different places about the real number of Afghans and their needs. “The government needs to engage more fully with local authorities and regularly share data on the numbers, needs and strengths of Afghan refugees and other recently resettled people,” said an LGA spokesperson.

Jill O’Leary, chief medical officer of the Helen Bamber Foundation, which works with 650 clients, said the situation was “muddled and confused,” with some hotel entrepreneurs unaware they were obligated to help Afghans get on with it. register with a general practitioner and explain their rights. . “When we consider the needs of the people, there seems to be a blind spot with the Home Office when it comes to vulnerability,” she said.

A spokesperson for Medact, a health charity that advocates for the protection of human rights to healthcare, said he was concerned about the asylum seekers’ provisions, including those of the Operation Warm Welcome. They said: “The Home Office has a legal obligation to provide at least minimal support to otherwise poor asylum seekers, but the arrangements made by the Home Office and its subcontractors to accommodate those waiting in publicly funded interim accommodation are medically unsafe. ”

The Afghan general practitioner added that initially, when Afghan arrivals were placed in hotels, medical care was “insufficient”. She described an incident at a hotel where she found a disabled child suffering from malnutrition who had not been registered with medical authorities.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “The UK’s largest and fastest emergency evacuation in recent history has helped more than 15,000 people reach safety, and the hotels remain a temporary measure to help accommodate those we have brought here. It will take time to find permanent housing for everyone, but we are urgently working with our partners to do so.

“Our aim is to help all those who are resettled here have a successful life in the UK, and that is why we are working tirelessly to provide comprehensive support to families. This includes working closely with local authorities across the UK to ensure that anyone temporarily staying in hotels has access to essentials, healthcare, education and universal credit. “

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Real estate transactions published on October 9, 2021 | Business


The following real estate transactions are $ 10,000 or more:

Cambria County

187Boy619 Joshua N. Taylor Trust, property in Reade Township, $ 23,000.

Family Lease LLC of Patrick J. Martella, property in the 8th district of Johnstown, $ 37,000.

Suzanne P. Szabo of Family Dream Home Rentals LLC, owned by Johnstown 8th District, $ 39,900.

Brad Lee Motchenbaugh of Louise C. Bodenschatz, Croyle Township property, $ 103,000.

Micah J. Howell of Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $ 64,000.

James Howard Seymour Jr. of Richard E. Smith, owned by the Township of Upper Yoder, $ 94,900.

Kayla M. Smith of Norman Gordon, property in Ferndale Borough, $ 40,000.

JBA Rentals & Investments LLC of Red Hat Properties LLC, by trustee, owned in Dale Borough, $ 12,500.

Christine F. Osborne of Barbara King, owned by the Township of Chest, $ 10,400.

Beth Michelle Weakland of Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust, per attorney, owned in Gallitzin Borough, $ 21,500.

LGR Realty Enterprises LLC of E. Korp LLC, by trust, owned in the Township of Richland, $ 76,000.

Juanita McNeil of JRP Investments Inc., by trust, property in the 17th district of Johnstown, $ 25,000.

Mital Patel by Rita M. Clark, owned by the Township of Richland, $ 159,000.

Matthew C. Spisak of Darlene J. Catterall, per solicitor, owned by the Township of Richland, $ 95,000.

Suzanne P. Szabo of Sylvester Scaleta II Revocable Trust, by trustee, owned by Johnstown 8th Ward, $ 65,000.

Timothy Hugh Dollar of S&P Rentals Inc., property in the 7th district of Johnstown, $ 13,000.

Travis C. Niel of Kyle A. Wirick, property in Richland Township, $ 125,000.

Wesley Layton of Richard G. Allen Jr., property in Southmont Borough, $ 174,200.

Louis Andrew Long of Kyle W. Goisovich, property in Southmont Borough, $ 42,000.

Wolfpack Capital LLC of V. Lynne Engleka, owned in Geistown Borough, $ 87,000.

Melanie R. Heming of Patricia E. Mills, property in Nanty Glo Borough, $ 93,854.

Smith Brothers Property LLC of Redevelopment Authority City of Johnstown, property in the 14th district of Johnstown, $ 15,000.

Rupe Sabrina Cardoso of Catherine Mihelic, per solicitor, owned by the Township of West Taylor, $ 59,000.

Samuel A. Bassett of Carol Bobby Brown, property of the Township of Clearfield, $ 50,000.

Jorge E. Dias of Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $ 80,000.

Matthew D. Eckenrode by Francis T. Conrad, property in Gallitzin Borough, $ 135,000.

Robert Mills by Marc A. Schrift, owned by Adams Township, $ 165,000.

Mark Destafano of Jeffrey D. Eger, property in Cresson Borough, $ 184,900.

Skylar Jones of Douglas W. Ellis, owned in Nanty Glo Borough, $ 80,000.

Robert L. Smith Jr. of Walter D. Zabrosky, owned by the Township of Portage, $ 42,500.

Bryan Clarence Smith of Susan E. Zepp, by Guardian, Stonycreek Township Property, $ 50,000.

Maura N. Barto of Jeffrey J. Kline, owned by the Township of Richland, $ 87,500.

Lori L. Landers by Roger D. Potratz, owned by the Township of Lower Yoder, $ 126,500.

Todd M. Rolla of Courtney D. Cuppett, owned by the Township of Richland, $ 389,500.

James W. Moore of Carole A. Zahurak, owned by the Township of Lower Yoder, $ 78,000.

KASU 2012 Nevada Trust of Karl T. Lee, owned in the Township of Munster, $ 750,000.

James F. Abrams of Keith E. Jones, property in Westmont Borough, $ 125,000.

Somerset County

Joseph Warnagiris by Jeffrey D. Lioon, owned by the Township of Middlecreek, $ 1,499,000.

James Pottinger of Andrew G. Graf, property in Jefferson Township, $ 100,000.

Gary L. Kaplan’s Gaskap, owned by Jefferson Township, $ 314,456.

Nathan C. Webb of Peter Korhut, property in Windber Borough, $ 145,000.

James Daniel White of William G. Richter Lumber Co., owned by Summit Township, $ 200,000.

Harold S. Zimmerman of Marcia Lane Wolff Estate, property in Hooversville Borough, $ 46,920.

Euan Guttridge of Edward Alexander Dikun Jr., owned by the Township of Middlecreek, $ 495,000.

Dwayne E. Stiffey by David E. Mimna, owned by the Township of Somerset, $ 124,900.

Association of Ambulances of the Berlin Region of the Betty G. Brant Estate, owned in the district of Berlin, $ 130,000.

Timothy Lynn Pearce Jr. of August J. Centi, by POA, owned in Somerset Township, $ 175,000.

Robert E. Boast’s Fetters Properties, property in Paint Borough, $ 67,000.

Derick M. Lang of Richard D. Lohr Revocable Trust, property in the Township of Paint, $ 249,900.

Jordan Lepley of Joseph B. Stierheim, property in Summit Township, $ 100,000.

Eugene R. Shildt of First Presbyterian Resource, owned by the Township of Jefferson, $ 140,000.

Annan Thomassy of Andrew L. Crum, owned in Windber Borough, $ 57,900.

HB Property Holdings of Richard L. Horner Jr., property in Paint Borough, $ 54,900.

Stanton Walls by Mario D. Marisa, owned by the Township of Conemaugh, $ 64,500.

Kelsey Vann of Brett M. Robinson, owned by the Township of Conemaugh, $ 139,025.

Linda B. Teets of Beth A. Hollis, property in Rockwood Borough, $ 10,000.

James C. Onstead of Duppstadt 3, owned by the Township of Somerset, $ 280,802.40.

Duppstadt 3 by James A. Onstead, owned in Somerset Township, $ 150,438.40.

James A. Onstead of Duppstadt, owned in Somerset Township, $ 280,802.40.

Penny L. Suwak of Melvin J. Kelly, property in Jenner Township, $ 55,000.

Jan M. Shubert of Freedom Mortgage Corp., by POA, owned in Jenner Township, $ 82,400.

Daniel L. Moore by Paul T. Schlemmer, property in Somerset Borough, $ 137,000.

Eddie B. Boozer of Elsie Jane Mitchell Estate, Quemahoning Township Property, $ 205,000.

GHC Prime Rentals, owned by Terry L. St. Clair, Somerset Borough, $ 625,000.

Stephen W. Onstead of PBS Coals Inc., owned by the Township of Somerset, $ 10,000.

Dennis W. Riley Hauger Residuals, property in Jefferson Township, $ 105,000.

Sarah Hanna of Bair Family Trust, property in Jefferson Township, $ 245,000.

Elysium Inc. of Brida’s Inc., owned in Indian Lake Borough, $ 160,000.

Jason S. Cornett of Michael J. Gozdick, owned in Central City Borough, $ 21,837.

Gary L. Costello of Imgrund Irrevocable Grantor Trust, owned by Allegheny Trust, $ 105,000.

Eric P. Hoffman of Ernest P. Hoffman, Lincoln Township property, $ 155,000.

Dillon Scott Speelman of the Gray Community Club, owned by the Township of Jenner, $ 21,000.

Noah J. Yoder of David E. Durst, Elk Lick Township property, $ 325,000.

Lillian Coughenour of Robin Lamca, owned by Shade Township, $ 42,172.80.

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